Crowd Status

Because a group is smarter than its experts. enables you to ask question and get unbiased feedback in a secure environment. The dashboard on the right shows some numbers about the community using this service.

Read below about our origins and motivation to build this tool. There is also specific information available for Investors and Developers.











The main influential source of Crowd Status is the Quantified Self movement. However, somehow we - and others - always had a hard time to trigger behavorial change from our tracked data (read more).

So we shifted the focus from self-tracking the individual to a group-opinion within a social context. The result was amazing: a broader view, more concrete points of action, and higher commitment for change.

A major ingredient for initial feedback is anonymity. Unfortunatley, this is also an invitation to some for misuse of a service - especially on the internet. Crowd Status implemented cascading barriers to avoid this type of behavior.

Visible measures are a limit to send anonymous invitations and the ability to report misuse for any question.


Crowd Status is the first application built on the foundation of It adheres to the principals of privacy by clear separation of data, network, and processing. Interfaces are publicly available, Service Terms are clear and simple, and everyone has the freedom to leave but not to loose.

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